Social Media advantages for small businesses

As a business owner, you are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to get your company on the radar of potential customers. If you aren’t already on social media, on the potential it possesses to engage with your customers. As a small business, you have an advantage over big corporations when it comes to social media because its effectiveness boils down to engagement. If a business doesn’t engage with its followers, chances are people won’t likely purchase anything they have to sell. Using social media helps you to build brand awareness, increase your customer base, and connect with your current customers. 

There are some obvious differences between large companies and small businesses, like legal structure, employee numbers, and revenue. The nitty-gritty aspects aren’t the only distinctions between the two; small businesses tend to be more community and individual focused and choose to be heavily involved in their communities which lead to stronger connections with their customers. They also enjoy the benefits of joining the chamber of commerce in their community and sometimes partnering in marketing campaigns with other local businesses. When using social media, small businesses are more likely to respond and are more likely to be able to handle the influx of comments and questions people will have about their products or services. 

Owning a small business allows you to foster connections with individuals, and in turn you will gain more respect and appreciation from your followers and customers. 

Social media is a great advertising tool without having to carve out a portion of your budget. For example, Facebook offers settings that allows advertisers and marketers to target a specific demographic within a desired radius- which means that you don’t have to pay for advertising outside of your customer base. The best part is that your current customers are the best brand ambassadors for you. Chances are as a small business owner your customers know you personally which makes it more natural for them to recommend your business or share your page with their friends. Smaller communities focus a lot on supporting their local businesses. 

When you start to give personalized attention to your customers, the rewards will come tenfold. A study has shown that 53% of people tend to shop at small businesses due to the welcoming atmosphere and more personalized experience. You can take the time to connect with your customers and meet their needs as a business. A large corporation that is nationwide isn’t going to have the time to sit down with their customer base to ask them individually what they want to see- they simply do not have the time for it. A small business owner however, can write a genuine response and address the customer directly and resolve any issue. 

Take advantage of the tools that are offered when it comes to your social media platform, there are tons of ways to engage with your customers and multiple ways to get your brand on any radar of future customers. 

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