Building your brand with authenticity: Post Pandemic

Living through one of the most extraordinary times in history has recalibrated how we go about our day-to-day lives. The fundamentals of building a brand are still the same, but the “how” has changed in many different ways. Finding focus in an unpredictable world is going to be a challenge, and many brands are still going through a myriad of challenges and require a new plan. So how can companies navigate the waters of a new normal where there may not be as much of a need for their products compared to pre-pandemic? There is no going back to what we knew before and we need to embrace the new era of marketing truths to drive growth in a post-pandemic world.

Even though the world was an incredibly technologically friendly place before the pandemic, somehow we found a way to become even more ingrained into the digital world in the wake of worldwide lockdown and restrictions. Thanks to brands like Uber, Amazon, and DoorDash, we have become accustomed to getting the things we want right when we want them. As consumers spend more time online there is a decline in spontaneity that goes into considerations when purchasing. To build a brand you need to have a clear understanding of customer expectations. Companies that excel in consumer journeys generally have a more competitive advantage. As companies look to earn consumer’s trust, they must invest in the customer’s needs. It’s not enough just to have a presence, they need to drive engagement that is mapped to their customer’s needs.

One thing most people had in common during this crisis was that they wanted to support local small businesses and give back wherever they could. Not only did it bring small communities together, but it also brought the global community together; we were all going through the same thing and getting through it together. Most people are continuing that mentality and want to support companies that share those same values. You must get your audience to understand that doing business with you will result in a greater good beyond your shop and remain authentic in your causes. People got accustomed to seeing empathy from bigger brands and it changed public perception. Stand behind great values, not just your great products, but be authentic and genuine in your mission.

Promoting togetherness both online and offline will help you to nurture a strong relationship with consumers. Virtual connections carried the brunt of the weight of the pandemic and while people are slowly starting to interact face-to-face again, it’s still important to have that sense of community and will set you apart from competitors if you still have that subtle message in your new marketing efforts.

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